University of Haifa welcomed back Harvard President, Prof. Lawrence S. Bacow

During a recent academic tour of the region, Harvard President Prof. Lawrence S. Bacow payed a visit to the Mt. Carmel Campus. President Bacow, a recipient of a UofH honorary doctorate (2021), met with President Ron Robin and Rector Gur Alroey, senior leadership team, faculty and doctoral students from the Bloom Graduate School, with whom he discussed the future challenges of universities in Israel and the US. “Through our teaching and research, universities play a crucial role in addressing the most significant challenges of our time, such as climate change, inequality and the future of democracy,” noted President Bacow. He further praised the University of Haifa for “looking towards the future”, in its active part in the social missions of the State of Israel. During his visit researchers presented joint projects with Harvard, including Project CETI (communicating with whales), research on the political participation of ethnic minorities, and research in molecular biology.

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