The Bloom Graduate School hosts inaugural meeting for its First Cohort of Fellows

Rector Gur Alroey and Prof. Irit Akirav, Dean of the Graduate Studies Authority and Head of the School of Graduate Studies, hosted this year’s Bloom Graduate School fellows at a ‘Coffee with the Dean’ kickoff meeting. During the meeting, the Rector welcomed the scholarship recipients from Israel and abroad who were selected based on their research excellence and thanking Prof. Akirav for her leadership.

Prof. Akirav presented an overview of the Bloom School’s new Fellows Enrichment Program and invited the fellows to participate in the program’s diverse and thought-provoking learning opportunities. The Bloom fellows were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and presented their research, which covered a wide range of topics.

Thanks to the generous support of the Bloom family, the Bloom Graduate School opened its doors this year.

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