Special Honours

Congratulations to Prof. Mouna Maroun, Vice President and Dean of Research, on being awarded a Medal of Distinction from the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. Prof. Maroun was recognized for breaking glass ceilings through her groundbreaking research in the field of neuroscience, for promoting higher education in Arab society, and for raising awareness and encouraging young Arab women to pursue careers in science and neuroscience. The Medal of Distinction is awarded annually for International Women’s Day recognizes women from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities who are leaders in their fields and serve as role models for women and girls everywhere. EVENT COVERAGE in the Jerusalem Post

I’m an Arab. I’m a Christian. I’m a Maronite. And I’m a woman. Each of these is a crucial part of my identity. While some may assume that these different fragments may hold me back, I believe they’ve propelled me forward. They taught me how to navigate within each of these circles. Every aspect of my identity has enriched me in ways that make me feel privileged rather than the victim. ─ Prof. Mouna Maroun, VP and Dean of Research

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