Climate change is impacting species diversity and resilience in rainforests

The rainforests are a complex ecosystem that plays a vital role in the maintenance of the environment. A key feature of the rainforests is the high level of species diversity found in the trees, a characteristic that contributes to the proper functioning of the ecosystem. A study led by Dr. Edwin Lebrija-Trejos (Department of Biology and Environment-Oranim Campus) and researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama explored the negative impact of declining rainfall and soil moisture with the survival of saplings and the diversity of trees in the rainforests of central Panama. “In order to maintain and preserve species diversity in the tropical rainforest, it is important that the appropriate moisture conditions exist to allow the trees’ natural enemies to flourish,” explains Dr. Lebrija-Trejos. The study was published in Nature. Photo Credit: Getty Images

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